So after a hard time getting my Jordan to sleep last night, everyone has woken up pretty good you could say, including myself who is used to having limited sleep. I haven’t had my coffee yet, that will be my “drug” to get me going for the day. I need at least two.  So typical morning is, I’m up, I make a bottle of milk or tea for the twins and start preparing everyone’s breakfast and school lunches for the day. I’m lucky that Jordan has quite a varied diet of food, my Tyson, not the same. He lives on vegemite sandwiches and if you are familiar with them, mamee noodles. This fussiness is also linked to being an Autistic trait, I take is as just being a ” typical fussy little shit” of a kid. It is however extremely frustrating not being able to reason with my child to try something new, just blatant refusal. Anyway, I will always continue to offer theses varied foods everyday and jump for joy and shout it to the world that he tried something new. Have a great day and chat to you all later.