So I didn’t actually post my last blog, I deleted it accidentally, forgive me im new so let me try again… So it’s now 10:39pm and three of my boys are peacefully sleeping… But not Jordan!!! This kid has been wailing for almost an hour now. It’s getting on my nerves and I want to shut him outside!!! I won’t, but I want to. It’s hard when you are stuck awkwardly next to your child, willing in your mind to ” just go to sleep!!” Only to think, I’m over this and get up and leave. Now I’m here looking at this child I love so much, but really hate right now cause he just won’t stop and I’m exhausted!! Somebody please take this kid, I don’t want to hear it anymore. I wonder what the neighbours must be thinking??? I’m new to this area. I know it’s doing my head in. It’s hard when you cuddle your child and try so hard to stay calm but with no results. I will continue to sit with him on my lap and hope that he will finally succumb to exhaustion and finally GO TO SLEEP!!