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Yesterday I was having a bad day. I was feeling down about my struggles, the children’s struggles and the monotony of my life. I was feeling very depressed, snapping at the kids, no patience and longing for some adult company. I let myself be overcome with emotion. I started to cry. I started to cry really hard. Cry because my children have Autism, cry because of this, they cannot functionally speak, cry because I feel like there was no end this hardship…. Then it happened, my beautiful Tyson ran upstairs. I didn’t pay much attention to it until he returned, with a scrunched up peice   of toilet paper to which he started dabbing at my eyes with. MY BABY!!! Now I was overcome with even more emotion. It was a realisation that although my sweet Babies can’t verbalise their thoughts, actions can speak louder. Looking into my Sons eyes…

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