Wailing take 2


So I didn’t actually post my last blog, I deleted it accidentally, forgive me im new so let me try again… So it’s now 10:39pm and three of my boys are peacefully sleeping… But not Jordan!!! This kid has been wailing for almost an hour now. It’s getting on my nerves and I want to shut him outside!!! I won’t, but I want to. It’s hard when you are stuck awkwardly next to your child, willing in your mind to ” just go to sleep!!” Only to think, I’m over this and get up and leave. Now I’m here looking at this child I love so much, but really hate right now cause he just won’t stop and I’m exhausted!! Somebody please take this kid, I don’t want to hear it anymore. I wonder what the neighbours must be thinking??? I’m new to this area. I know it’s doing my head in. It’s hard when you cuddle your child and try so hard to stay calm but with no results. I will continue to sit with him on my lap and hope that he will finally succumb to exhaustion and finally GO TO SLEEP!!


Functional verbalising



So… I had this idea. If you are familiar of characteristics of ASD people, some struggle to verbalise themselves. My Son Tyson, Twin 2 is becoming more verbal each day, functional verbalising, but my beautiful Jordan, Twin 1, struggles to express himself. After watching inspiring stories of adults with Autism unable to speak but sing, I thought, how about teaching our children….. To sing for what they want!!! Think about it. Your child wants something to eat, how about belting out a tune of “Muuummmy can I have a sand which please” in your bestest most enthusiastic singing voice. Sing it to a tune that your child might already be familiar with, like, can I have a sand which please, sung to the tune of London Bridge is falling down, the last line being, “cause I’m hungry.” Say it in your head.Can you hear what I’m saying? Teach our babies to do this. I have started with Jordan. One we sing    is,” change my nappy” sung to the ” because I’m happy” tune by Pharell. I’ll keep you posted on any success we have with this method 🙂